Proud to be members of the APPCC

Cherished Pet are proud to be the newest supplier members of the Association of Private Pet Cemeteries and Crematoria.

The APPCC is the only organisation in Europe setting standards for pet cemeteries, crematoria and pet cremation that protect the pet owner and ensure their pet is handled they way they expect and is run by a dedicated a passionate team of very professional but very entertaining individuals!

The Aims of the Association are to promote and aid independent companion animal cemeteries and crematoria in the following manner :

1. To promote the use of companion animal facilities to the pet owning public and veterinary surgeries.

2. To set and maintain a Code of Practice to ensure a quality of service to pet owners.

3. To keep abreast of legislation regarding companion animal cemeteries and crematoria.

Locate your nearest member of the APPCC here

Download the APPCC advice leaflet on coping with pet bereavement here